(Q): Why is there an option to register and what would I be registering?
(A): The registration option is provided so that dues-paying members who would like to gain access to the Member Zone can be setup to receive access permissions to the zone. The fact that you are a current dues-paying member does not give automatic access to the Member Zone. If you wish to have that access granted you can register your membership on the website.
During the registration process you will be asked to provide information such as name, email address, membership number, the username you want to use (Make sure you remember your username; it cannot be changed after your members-only account becomes active), password you want to assign to your account, etc. Once the registration has been submitted by you it is in PENDING Status; the BFAA Registrar will then verify your membership for things such as:
* Account Active (not expired),
* valid membership number,
* city/state, just to name a few.
Once the status of an account is verified, the registered account is activated by the BFAA Registrar and an e-mail is sent by the registration system letting the member know that they can now login to the MemberZone.
If your membership status cannot be verified we will also send an email informing you that we could not verify your membership status. In that email we ask that you provide us with information by filling out a easy online form that will help us verify your membership status. See What are the benefits of being a dues-paying member of BFAA
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(Q): How do I get a valid membership number?
(A): When an individual becomes a member, they are assigned a membership number. This membership number is unique to each person who is a member of BFAA, Inc. If you have lost your membership number you can request that you be provided with your membership number by calling BFAA at 901.522.8880 or send an email to or Please provide your full name, address, city, state, zip code, membership number and date you paid for your BFAA membership.

(Q): What is the definition of a BFAA member?
(A): A BFAA member is defined as an individual who has a current membership with BFAA, Inc. They have paid membership dues and their membership dues are current and they do not have an expired membership account.

(Q): What are the benefits of being a dues-paying member of BFAA, Inc?
(A): As a member of BFAA, Inc you will receive access to the Members-Only Zone of the website. We will be adding other member benefits as they become available.

(Q): Must I become a member of BFAA to be able to access the Member Zone?
(A): The BFAA Member Zone is an exclusive area of the web site reserved for use by members only. As long your membership dues are current (membership active) and you have registered (See Why is there an option to register?, above) you will be able to access the BFAA Members-Only Zone. There is no grace period for BFAA Memberships that have expired because of non-renewals. You should make every effort to keep your dues current if you wish to continue your membership with BFAA as well as to continue to have access to the Members-Only Zone!

BFAA Membership Forms
BFAA Membership Dues

Direct any questions or comments about membership to: or or call us at 901.522.8880

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