BFAA (Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association, Inc), is an advocacy organization with offices in Memphis, TN.

BFAA was founded by president and CEO, Thomas Burrell in 2000.  No other organization has been so effective as has BFAA, Inc in advocating in the interests of African American Farmers.

BFAA, Inc agenda, topics and issues will envelope concerns in the entire African American community as follows, to wit:

  1. A "behavioral" contract agreement among and between African American community and it residents African American politics (politicians and voting behavior)
  2. Banking and predatory lending in the African American community Black Churches, Black colleges and other Black institutions/associations Civil rights lawsuits
  3. Crime and the criminal industry crisis in educational, institutional and associations of the Black community
  4. Economic development plan (strategy and tactics) Economic development policy (agreements between the African American community
  5. Immigration v. African American''s constitutional rights and liberties
  6. Legislation needed to protect the rights of African Americans
  7. Leadership crisis among Black leaders (Federal, state and local)
  8. National media network "for" and "supported" solely by the African American community
  9. Reparations, amnesty, wealth re-distribution and foreign aid
  10. The effects of diversity and multiculturalism on the Black community The United States Constitution as amended (Codes and Title)

BFAA uses traditional methods to stay in touch with its membership – e-mail, telephone, postal mail. We also communicate with our membership, as well as the public at-large, using Internet radio and workshop seminars. We have also developed a network of radio stations that broadcast to their listeners the BFAA Civics 101 radio show.

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