Frequently Asked Questions

(Q): What is the definition of a BFAA member?

(A): A BFAA member is defined as an individual who has a current membership with BFAA, Inc. Their membership dues are current and they do not have an expired membership account.

(Q): What are the benefits of being a dues-paying member of BFAA, Inc?

(A): As a member of BFAA, Inc you will receive access to the Members-Only Zone of the website. In the Members-Only Zone you will have access to be able to listen to the BFAA Internet Radio Workshop on BFAA Internet Radio. We will be adding other member benefits as they become available.

(Q): What are the differences between the Civics 101 radio show and the Workshop radio show?

(A): The Civics 101 show relates to civil rights issues. Its primary resource is the United States Constitution. Subject matter on the show speaks to the relationships of civils rights as guaranteed by the constitution. Civics 101 is accessible by the public. The Workshop radio show

The Workshop Shows are a members-only feature of BFAA. The subject matter of the show relates to a class-action black farmers lawsuit. Primary resource material are the Pigford Consent Decree and the Judge’s Opinion.

(Q): Is it mandatory to become a member of BFAA?

(A): There is no requirement that anyone become a member of BFAA. This is strictly a personal choice! The advantage of being a member is that you will have the benefit of having BFAA advocate on your behalf. To read more about BFAA membership go to http://www.bfaa.us/membershipinfo.asp

(Q): I received my membership number. What do I have to do now?

(A): One of the things you can do is to register your membership on the website so that you can have access to the Member Zone. Registration information can read at http://www.bfaa.us/reginfo.asp. Your membership is very important as it is used by BFAA to help verify membership. Please safeguard your membership number.

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